In 2015, MedShow sold 1300+ tickets over 3 nights of show, making it the most successful MedShow ever. We were able to raise over $2500 in support of the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

CONGRATULATIONS to all the cast and crew. Also a huge THANK YOU to all our generous sponsors, and to everyone who came to see the show for your support!

Stay tuned for more exciting things to come in MedShow 2016!

Spleen Girls

Across 3 nights of flawless singing, acting, dancing, and sexually active band geeks, we tell the story of Cady, a junior doctor jungle freak who has recently made the move from Africa to Royal North Shore Hospital. Cady meets a variety of characters, from the spunky nurses Damien and Janis, to the regal and cliquey plastic surgeons, headed up by the Queen M.D., Dr. Regina George. As the show unravels, Cady must traverse the bitchy jungles of the hospital in the hopes of claiming an exclusive foreign placement. Will she succeed? No-one knows, except maybe Karen’s breasts.

Spleen Girls Poster

MedShow 2015 Executive

Celeste Mar
Elissa Zhang
Sarah Jang

Joshua Scott-King
Merry Lin
Sophia Song
Music Directors
Erin Saricilar
James Li
Nishta Kaushik


Bianca Galgut
Jonathan Cher

Technical Directors
Baozhing Teng
Hayden Robinson
John Nguyen

Vocal Directors
Nathan Crabtree
Yive Yang

Promotions Directors
Lucy Yang
Nadine Kauley
Terence Luo

Social Directors
Rena Cao
Roger Chang

Costume Director
Vincent Kong

Video Directors
Zac Azrin