Finding Chemo

Keep your friends close, and your anemones closer…


Marlin is devastated when a deadly virus takes his beloved wife, leaving him to raise his son Nemo alone. Little does he know that a few years later, that same disease will set in motion a chain of events that see Marlin and Nemo on a whirlwind adventure from the hospital to the city streets to the laboratory and everywhere in between. After Nemo is kidnapped by the discoverer of the virus, Marlin has to team up with happy-go-lucky Dory and do whatever it takes to save his son.Join Nemo, Marlin and their hilarious, oddball companions as they fight against the evil doctor Sherman for their health, their freedom, and each other…Poster

Medshow 2013 Executive

Andy Chen
Jessica Jones
Harleen Kaur

Lucy de Kantzow
Vincent Kong
Jonathan Lim

Music Directors
Melvin Ling

Aalya Imran
Victor Wong

Tech Directors
Jasmine Cheng
Yi Von Ooi
Hayden Robinson

Vocal Directors
Nick Duce
Gemma Goodwin

Promotions (Poobahs)
Rahul Nair
Elaine Ng
Ragu Paraparan

Social Directors
Jason Oh
Beckie Singer

Costume Director
Jing Ni

Video Directors
Joseph Firriolo
Alex Peng