The Incision of Oz: Follow the Yellow Lymph Node

MedShow 2012 Executive

Alan Chen
Jacqueline Ho
Grace Lu
Joseph Firriolo
Emily Jansen
Viktor Sokolovski
Music Directors
Austin Lee
Anthony O’Rourke
Niyati Chaukra
Genevieve Dinham
Tech Directors
Jess Chan
Rachel Ng
Jasmine Cheng
Vocal Director
Andy Chen
Promotions (Poobahs)
Scott Ashby
Olivia Missiakos
Amanda Zhou
Video Director
Jane Guan
Alexander Murphy
Calvin Park
Michael Chan
Costume Director
Chrissy Cannon


Elsewhere over the Rainbow…

Dorothy has suffered an accident and is swept up into hospital, however this was no tornado. Now, the surgeons are working desperately to save her from impending death.

But never mind grievous bodily harm, Dorothy has found herself in the middle of a crime sce- ne. Standing next to a crushed dead body, she is accused of manslaughter by the mischievous Lollipop Guild. Yet it does not appear she has the brain cells to commit murder. The only proof is her penchant for shoe-shopping, spot- ting a most fabulous pair of sparkling red shoes… and immediately prying them from a pair of cold, dead feet.

Soon the Wicked Witch arrives to rightfully claim the last connection to her dead sister and mourn in peace. But it’s too late: shoe-fetishist Dorothy has claimed them and the Wicked Witch vows to build an army. Revenge is com- ing…

Mean while the gender-confused, munchkin- labouring Good Witch sends our Dorothy upon a quest to visit the “Emerald City” deep in the heart of Kings Cross where girls are easy and drugs come cheap. Here lies the key to getting home: the Wonderful Wizard of Oz! Dorothy must escape the wrath of the Wicked Witch and determine amongst all the witches, wiz- ards, munchkins and pimps, who she can truly trust…

We’re definitely not on campus anymore…