The Ward of the Rings

Come, let me tell you a tale. A tale regarding a wide assortment of heroes ranging from battle hardened soldiers, to socially awkward horticulturalists. A fellowship whose sole purpose is to destory the most evil artefact the world has ever seen, overcoming obstacles like severe hangovers, inedible lunches and inappropriately melodious wraiths. “The Ward of the Rings” will have you join these intrepid adventurers, facing dangers at every turn and fighting monsters from both without, and within….

Running from the 5th-7th October 2011, Medshow 2011: The Ward of the Rings provided a mind-blowing spectacular of acting, dance, singing and music as MedShow 2011 ‘The Ward of the Rings’ raised over $4000 to support CanTeen, the Australian organisation supporting young people living with cancer.

MedShow 2011 Executive

Henry Lin
Sara Ooi
Calvin Park
Andrea Jeyendra
Devinda Jayewardene
Shaun Young
Music Directors
Lauren Caldwell
Andrew Loggen
Lorraine Cheung
Chrissy Cannon
Tech Directors
Jess Chan
Shirley Lau
Alexander Murphy
Rachel Ng
Vocal Directors
Vineet Gorolay
Kavita Ravendran
Promotions (Poobahs)
Katherine Nguyen
Jess Thompson
Tim Nguyen
Video Director
Jane GuanPhotographer
Edward Lam
Costume Director
Vincent Tsui

The choreographers were assisted by a choreography team consisting of: Sam Bobba & Kelly Chen, Louise Koller-Smith & Victor Wong, Jim Chen, Miho Mugino and Dinuksha De Silva.

Show Poster


You can view promotional videos from the 2011 show on the videos page.

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