MedShow 2008

Alice in Wonderland: Down the Rabid Hole


Held for the very first time in the Science Theatre at UNSW, Alice in Wonderland was truly an ‘epic’ MedShow. Spanning two nights, the show told the story of Alice, a very confused high school student who must choose between the warring faculties (or houses) of Medicine and Law. Audiences were treated to fantastic dance-offs, disorganised directors, live music, a Romeo and Juliet love plot, a professional set, the UWS guy and the now infamous ‘Epic Battle’.

MedShow 2008 raised thousands of dollars for the Newborn and paediatric Emergency Transport Service (NETS), a mobile emergency service for babies and children in NSW who need intensive care.

MedShow 2008 Exec

Directors David Ma
Rohan Bailey
Lakshman Nirthanakumaran
Producers Sireesha Koneru
Kimberley Nguyen
Michael Wang
Musical Directors Geoff Arthurson
Chris Lee
Lauren Paton
Choreographers Tiffany Knight
Candice Khor
Leanne Tran
Technical Directors Alexander Murphy
Jianna He
Video Director Colin Ding
Promotions Yogeesan Sivakumuran
Arushi Madan
Costumes Nhung Nguyen Nguyen


Show Photos

Photos by Colin Ding