Since its origins in 2000, each MedShow has traditionally been an original script exploring the lives of medical students and doctors – allegedly, it’s a play, but with the quality and quantity of singing, dancing and the band, it’s nearly a musical.

Within this section we detail how far the show has come in such a short time.

We are currently trying to find information about previous MedShows, so if you were involved in the production and have either photos, logos or executive lists, then please contact us.





2015 Spleen Girls Merry Lin
Joshua Scott-King
Sophia Song
Sarah Jang
Celeste Mar
Elissa Zhang
2014 Aching Bad Roger Chang
Vincent Kong
Millie Garg
Richard Tjahjono
Martin Tran
2013 Finding Chemo Lucy de Kantzow
Vincent Kong
Jonathan Lim
Andy Chen
Jessica Jones
Harleen Kaur
2012 The Incision of Oz:
Follow the Yellow Lymph Node
Joseph Firriolo
Emily Jansen
Viktor Sokolovski
Alan Chen
Jacqueline Ho
Grace Lu
2011 The Ward of the Rings Shaun Young
Andrea Jeyendra
Devinda Jeyewardene
Calvin Park
Henry Lin
Sara Ooi
2010 One Flew Over the Neural Crest Belel Ejje
Evy Panos
Karan Rao
Shashenka Withanage
Michael Chan
Andrea Jeyendra
Aditi Mahajan
2009 Dial M for Myocardium Phil Beames
Haldane Begg
Akalya Mahendran
Pramudie Gunaratne
Ran Liu
Patricia Ly
2008 Alice In Wonderland:
Down the Rabid Hole
David Ma
Rohan Bailey
Lakshman Nirthanakumaran
Sireesha Koneru
Kimberley Nguyen
Michael Wang
2007 The Ward is Not Enough Abay Sundaram Lileane Xu
Angelina Tjokrowidjaja
Anthony Chau
2006 The Phantom of the O.R. Tessa Kennedy
Gerard Chu
Myles Smith
Clement Lau
Tom Hughes
2005 Infatuate Capabilities:
Love, it’s just an Abscession
Hasitha Jayamaha
Diana Tao
Monica Tang
Carylyn Lim
2004 The Karma Suture Rajeev Verma
Tim Eviston
Rajeev Verma
2003 Behind Anatomy Lines Lyn Chiem
Rani Sinnathurai
Felicia Kwok
Grace Aw
2001 A Musical Comedy Production