Calling everyone who wants to have a barrel of fun! If you can walk, you can dance! Each year the choreographers create and teach multiple original routines to be performed in the show. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how, as all skill levels are welcome, and you’ll get all the instruction you need. Dancers can also sing and act - in fact, we’d love it if you want to do mor...
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Stop wasting your talents in the bathroom shower! The music directors are looking for medical students who are up for the challenge of singing in front of their friends, family and lecturers. Even if you’re not the next Australian Idol, we still want you. Rehearsals are under way! Keep updated with our Facebook page if you're keen on getting involved in 2017.
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Actors are the glue that binds the whole show together – without them, there would be no show. If you want to get the most of the MedShow experience, make incredibly close friends, and challenge yourself to things you never believed you could or would do, then acting is for you.   Rehearsals are under way! Keep updated with our Facebook page if you're keen on getting i...
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Tech Crew

Release the inner (stage) ninja! The tech crew play an important role in the darkness of the show, placing and moving props between scenes, or running the sound and lighting desks. The tech crew are also responsible for the creation of the set and props on the weekends leading up to the show – break out the paintbrushes and the jigsaws!
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Wanna help bring the musical masterpieces to life? MedShow requires a select group of musicians and triangle-operators to play live music on stage during the show. Note that participation may require you to lose (temporarily) some items of clothing on stage (of course, all in good taste).
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