The 40 Year-Old Surgeon

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At only 40 years old, Dr. Andy is the youngest head surgeon to ever work at the Donald Lump Hospital for Multiculturalism and Equality. However, when a new intern, Tessa, begins working at the hospital, dark forces threaten both their budding romance and Andy’s darkest secret. From Inner Health Plus to Social Justice Warriors, the hospital will never be the same again. Will Dr Andy harden up in the face of adversity? Or will he shrivel and disappoint everyone? Again.

Swing by Science Theatre from 6.45pm on the 4th-6th this OCTOBER for your date with a surgeon who’s never done ‘it’*. This year, we are proudly donating all profits in support of The Black Dog Institute, a world leader in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of mood disorders such as depression and bipolar disorder.

*A surgery (also sex).
Date: 4th – 6th of October
Time: 6:45pm (Doors open) – 10:00pm
Place: UNSW Science Theatre

Ticket Prices:
Arc@UNSW members: $14
Non-Arc students: $16
Groups (10+ ppl): $12

Critics had this to say:
“More wonderful than onions” – Tony Abbott
“It was so good I came twice!” – Creepy trenchcoat guy sitting in the back row.
“Almost good enough to stop me from nuking Sydney” – Supreme Leader


We are sincerely thankful to our sponsors at Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology, Stock Market Kitchen, ACE Specialist HSC Tuition, and Green Print Centre.

Tickets available now at medshow2017.getqpay.com/

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